"Nearly three years ago God gave me a vision to start my own organization, now known as "The Break-Up, LLC." I remember it like it was yesterday. The vision was so vivid and powerful, but there was one thing that was missing. I couldn’t #SEE myself doing it, I felt inadequate and unmotivated to move forward with this powerful vision that was growing inside of me.

For months I held onto the vision not revealing it to anyone because I was hoping that it would soon vanish from my mind. As the months went by the vision remained, in fact I begin to #SEEiT more clearly, but still I was reluctant to pursue it. I finally consulted SEEiT, LLC and I shared my vision.

SEEiT, LLC used unconventional tactics to help me SEE myself fulfilling my vision. They helped me to understand that seeing the vision isn’t enough, but seeing myself fulfilling the vision is when the vision is activated.

They provided me with constant motivation, followed by advertisement to help me develop my brand. Three years later I still review evolving elements of The Break-Up, LLC with SEEiT, LLC, and I’m always left inspired to maximize my vision!"

- LaQuinte' B.

The Break-Up, LLC

Founded by music artist and motivational speaker, Greg Kirkland, Jr., SEEiT, LLC was organized as a platform to stimulate and invigorate "dreamers," to move from "I will" to "I am!" Starting as a simple social media hashtag campaign, #SEEiT?! grew from a common phrase to a brand.

Kirkland, having an extensive background in music development, would often pose the question "See it?" as a method of ensuring that those currently in the learning position would have complete understanding and knowledge of the song or lesson being presented.

"See it?" (Do you understand? Do you "get it?" Does it make sense?)  

Eventually #SEEiT would grow to develop an even greater meaning and purpose. "Where do you see yourself?" If you can visualize the goal, regardless of your current position, strive until you achieve what you see!

The SEEiT brand encourages individuals to identify their personal goals, perform necessary research of what attaining the goal requires, eliminate excuses that delay or hinder the initiation of the process, then slowly begin making steps toward bringing the goal into development. What's stopping you?

​Allow SEEiT, LLC to motivate you to start your dream TODAY!

"Greg Kirkland was such a blessing to me when I was making the decision to start my own party planning business. He was so awesome and motivating! He didn't mind me bugging and bouncing ideas off of him, or picking his brain. He even helped me come up with the name for my business!

I still call him for advice or his opinion, and I know he will help me with an open heart and mind!!!"

- Candace K. 
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SEEiT, LLC A motivational firm, geared toward the advancement of individuals aspiring to reach their maximum potential in areas of business, academics, spirituality, career development, social, and/or personal attainable achievements. WE INSPIRE!


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